13 September 2023 - 9:17 AM

Introducing Off The Pitch's new API solution: Seamless integration, endless possibilities

At Off The Pitch, we've consistently aimed to provide our users with unparalleled insights and critical business data to drive more informed decisions. Upholding this tradition, we're excited to unveil our enhanced API solution, integrating three of our most sought-after databases: Financial Data, M&A Tracker, and Player Valuation.

Key benefits:

Integrated Data Access: Fetch data from all three databases with a single API call, enhancing productivity and reducing complexity.

Customisable Queries: Tailor your queries to your specific needs, ensuring you get the data you want, how you want it.


Financial Data: Comprehensive financial and operational data from clubs in more than 12 leagues, including 243 European and 22 Brazilian clubs. Features 150 metrics with 22 essential ratios pre-calculated, data spanning from 2008, and updates within a few hours of financial report releases.

M&A Tracker: Stay ahead of the curve with insights on global equity investments in football clubs and leagues. Information includes investor and seller details, deal value, stake, multiple, and more.

Player Valuation: Objective, data-driven estimates of transfer values for 5,000 football players across ten leagues.

Why choose our API solution?

Scalable: Built to accommodate diverse demands, ensuring seamless data retrieval regardless of volume.

Secure: Our API employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect your queries and our databases.

Ready to harness the power of our databases directly into your applications? Get started with our API today and redefine the way you access, analyse, and apply data.