22 January 2024 - 12:00 AM


PR: Mario Malavé and Victoire Cogevina Reynal share the CEO responsibilities at Mercury/13.

Interview: Women's Football MCO optimistic about gaining majority ownership in prominent European clubs

  • Mercury/13 aims to Invest $100 Million in Women's Football Clubs in Europe and Latin America. In this interview, the newly appointed co-CEO, Mario Malavé, explains their strategy to transform struggling clubs into high-growth, successful organisations.
  • ”We are not saying that the current owners of many teams in Europe aren’t capable of growing these clubs, off course they are. But they have another focus, which in most cases is the men’s teams.
  • Why it matters: Women's Football in the US is experiencing remarkable growth, unlike clubs in other countries where the women’s game has expanded at a slower pace. Being affiliated with a highly successful men's team can be a double-edge sword.
  • The perspective: Mercury/13 rejects the conventional wisdom that building a winning team is the only way to boost revenues. They are taking the opposite approach and initially focusing on the commercial upside in teams.

Mario Malavé is all smiles for several reasons.

He's just been appointed co-CEO at Mercury/13, a leading Multi-Club Ownership (MCO) entity in Women's Football. He's optimistic about the industry's future prospects and eager to begin working with clubs, once they have made their first acquisition. Most importantly, he can't wait to dive back into the startup world.

"The women's f

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