13 September 2023 - 1:00 PM


Elisabetta Bavagnoli, Head of Women’s Football at AS Roma.

Interview with AS Roma's Head of Women’s Football: “I think investment always must come before revenues”

  • AS Roma Femminile has seen a five-fold increase in its budget since 2018. Despite winning the domestic title last season, they still target improvements in all areas of the club.
  • The Head of Women’s Football at AS Roma, Elisabetta Bavagnoli, expresses concerns about the lack of investments in Serie A Femminile, with broadcasters hesitating to make substantial commitments.
  • Why it matters: AS Roma Femminile put up a strong fight against FC Barcelona in last year's Champions League Quarter Finals. The Friedkin family-owned team continues to enjoy support from its owners and executives prior to this season's kick-off.
  • The perspective: Women’s Football is on the rise in Italy, but it faces challenges in keeping pace with rival leagues.

Last year's Scudetto win, achieved with a convincing 13-point lead over second-placed Juventus Femminile, was an emotional highlight for Elisabetta Bavagnoli. With over 80 International Caps for Italy as a former player herself, she understands better than anyone that nothing surpasses a championship season.

However, Bavagnoli, now 60 years old, has embarked on an extraordinary professional journey, transitioning from player t

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