“The question is very simple: Do you just want shares or likes from all those social media followers? Or do you want revenue?”

30 September 2020

Real Madrid
Photo: PA Images New signing Eden Hazard has kicked a ball to the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid and the young fans are eager to capture the ball. Not all fans have the opportunity to go to presentations of players or to attend matches - and how do you as a club generate revenue on these types of fans? Fantastec believe they have a way of doing it.

Digital fan engagement company, Fantastec, has just finished it's first season with Real Madrid, Arsenal and Dortmund. The company believes it has found the solution to a key issue in football: How to generate revenue from your social media followers?

Co-Founder Steve Madincea saw there was a big gap between tech companies, which built social media tools, and sports clubs focused on winning.

One of the key findings is you don’t need an extremely large fanbase to create substantial incremental revenue from your social media followers.

Fantastec has developed a blockchain based app, SWAP, where fans from all over the world can collect and swap player profiles and curated moments. During the Covid-19 lockdown, activity grew rapidly in all regions of the world.

Kasper Kronenberg kk@offthepitch.com

Steve Madincea never really felt he was given a great answer. An answer that made sense and convinced him that clubs knew how best to approach the problem.

We are talking about the hundreds of millions of social media followers that clubs all over the world have gained. The American was working for WPP, the global communications company, and when he talked to executives from numerous football clubs, he was sure they could do much more to activate and monetize all those followers on social media.

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