11 March 2024 - 6:18 PM


PR | Lincoln City fans celebrating a goal against Blackpool FC at the LNER Stadium

Interview with Lincoln City Chief Executive: “We must never be a cold organization that makes decisions on a spreadsheet – but also we must never put the farm on red or black”

  • Lincoln City have undergone a remarkable ascent from the National League to League One and now aims to establish itself as a self-sustaining Championship club.
  • Chief Executive Liam Scully emphasizes the need to explore new markets for talent acquisition, as well as forming partnerships with innovative businesses.
  • Why it matters: Numerous clubs experience a few years of extraordinary growth and may achieve promotions along the way. However, sustaining momentum and progressing to top leagues pose significant challenges.
  • The perspective: How do you balance short-term commitments to maintain competitiveness on-the-pitch, while at the same time allocating resources to long-term projects?

Liam Scully, the 38-year-old Chief Executive of Lincoln City, is keen to avoid the fate of many executives at smaller and medium-sized clubs who become consumed by daily firefighting tasks. While acknowledging the importance of attending to daily operations, Scully emphasizes the need to allocate time for strategic development to propel the club forward.

However – it is a delicate balance between long-term thinking and short-term tasks.

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