3 May 2024 - 3:20 PM


IMAGO | Antonio Rudiger celebrates after a victory against 1. FC Union Berlin on 12th December 2023

Interview: How Footballco is redefining media engagement with football clubs

  • A viral interview exemplifies Footballco’s ability to generate massive audience engagement through high-quality, resonant content. Its CEO tells Off The Pitch how it is changing the sport’s relationship with mass media.
  • Across 15 platforms Footballco helps clubs reach global audiences, tailoring content to local languages and cultures to maximize fan engagement, but also collaborating closely with clubs and sponsors.
  • Why it matters: Footballco is transforming the traditional media-club relationship by leveraging digital content and strategic partnerships to significantly boost global audience engagement and open new revenue streams for football clubs.
  • The perspective: Despite partnerships, Footballco maintains a clear distinction between editorial and commercial content, ensuring credibility and helping build a trusted community that respects and reflects its audiences interests and values.

When Antonio Rudiger sat down with Juwon Musa, on of the hosts of’s FrontThree, slot in February, even by the standards the defender knows as a player for Real Madrid and Germany, the virality of the session must have taken him by surprise.

Spliced up, posted on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and the web itself, three months on the video has a cumulative 150 million views.

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