Match of the Week Premier League: Financial head-to-head Tottenham v Man City

18 November 2020

Tottenham v Man City
Photo: PA Images Tottenham have the upper hand as the club is number two in the Premier League while Man City are messing around in the middle of the table. Spurs also won the last match between the two English top clubs.

While Tottenham have almost closed the gap to Manchester City in terms of turnover, the London club are far behind when looking at wages, paying just €203 million to their €358 million in the 2018/19 season.

One thing Tottenham excels at, however, is profitability. The latest public figures reveal Tottenham recorded a pre-tax profit of €99.1 million to Manchester City's €11.4 million.

Meanwhile, Manchester City recorded an operating loss every season in the three years leading up to and including the 2018/19 season. Tottenham in the same period had a combined operating profit of €248 million.

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner