Match of the Week Europa League: Financial head-to-head AS Roma v Manchester United

5 May 2021

AS Roma v Man Utd
Photo: Alamy Manchester United thrashed AS Roma 6-2 at Old Trafford in the first leg of the Europa League Semi-Final. Both Edinson Cavani and Bruno Fernandes scored twice.

AS Roma have a mountain to climb in order to advance to the Europa League final after Manchester United's 6-2 win at Old Trafford in the first leg.

The Italian club recorded a monumental pre-tax loss of €204.1 million last season - Manchester United's stood at €23.7 million.

While Manchester United paid wages of €323.8 million AS Roma's billed about half that, €155.1 million in total. 

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner