Championship Match Of The Week: Financial head-to-head Nottingham Forest v Brentford

3 October 2019

Forest v Brentford
Photo: Getty Images Matty Cash, Nottingham Forest is tackled by Henrik Dalsgaard, Brentford, in a match where Forest won 2-1 at City Ground in February 2019.

Forest have had a fine start to the season with 19 points from ten games, placing them in fourth place, same point as West Bromwich Albion at the top.

The home team are aiming to get back into the Premier League for the first time in 20 years, and looking at the wages, three points against Brentford could be expected.

The visitors from Brentford are relying on Oliver Watkins to have another good game and spoil Forest's good run, as he has scored seven of the club's nine goals in the Championship.