Column: Ever considered polygamy? Taken a second spouse? Or a third?

3 April 2019

Bayern Munich fans
Photo: Getty Images Bayern Munich players thanking their fans after the Champions League-leg against Sevilla in april 2018.

Bayern Munich are leading the way with an innovative partnership driven by fans and fan culture.

Inter Milan redoubled their efforts with social media and were rewarded with huge growth in followers.

Brian Bødker

Do your club have enough supporters or fans? Or could you use a few more? Here´s a cheeky thought: Why not go in for a bit of polygamy? Or just swap partners?

Every football fan has a favourite club - their One And Only.  Fans stay loyal to their club, often from the moment they first fall in love until the day they die. But nowadays, fans tend to look at other clubs in other leagues with affection too.

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