3 January 2022 - 2:30 PM



Dodging Crypto scams and bogus deals: How clubs can protect themselves in football’s latest money craze

  • Forensic Risk Alliance/ FRA has identified ten different risk factors clubs and other organisations should be looking at when entering a commercial deal.
  • “If you're being sponsored by British Airways there's not much likely going to go wrong. If you're speaking to one of the crypto finance companies you should be advised that that comes at risk.”
  • Journalist who uncovered Man City crypto company warns that the industry is “an absurd, high-risk, environmentally catastrophic honeypot for fraudsters”.

What is going on? Are these fallen deals just symptomatic of an unpredictable business environment? Or are clubs and rights holders simply taking too many risks in the pursuit of money? What can they do to mitigate against such volatility?

What should clubs be looking for

Shaf Sohail, associate director at Forensic Risk All

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