Column: Confused about Bayern Munich’s approach in the Alaba case? In fact, all clubs should do what they did

17 March 2021

Alaba Bayern
Photo: Alamy Bayern Munich havde decided not to renew the contract of key-player David Alaba - much to the frustration among fans and observers don't really understand the decision taking by the Bayern Munich executives. But analyst Alberto Medici belives that Bayern Munich is doing exactly what all other clubs should do when these situations occur.

We could see significant changes in the business models of clubs post Covid-19, but management teams are paying too much attention to revenues.

There is one place on the balance sheets of all clubs where costs could be – and should be – reduced. And Bayern Munich has led the way.

In this stressed financial environment, clubs need to focus on their core business, which – for the vast majority of clubs - is the value-creation that transfers can generate.

Over and over again, we see some of the world’s biggest clubs fail in the way they calculate the “terminal value” of players.

Alberto Medici, analyst

In the last few months, many experts and executives from the industry have repeatedly said that the future of football depends on developing a new business (revenue) model, as well as on taking advantage of the pandemic to run a deep internal analysis around potentially restructuring the organisation.

I agree with this statement in part, because improvement in all its forms is always desirable. But these wishes for the future are more propaganda than measures I actually expect to be carried out in the near future.

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