Column: The Corona-virus taught clubs that fans are ready to consume new types of content

17 August 2020

Sergio Ramos
Photo: PA Images Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid CF was one of the players who was very popular under the Covid-19 lockdown where fans across the world were consuming a different kind of content.

Dugout Chief Commercial Advisor Jamie Wilson has learned a lot about diversification of fans during the Covid-19 lockdown. It opens up huge possibilities for clubs.

Even though we are back to LIVE sports clubs should take a close look at the consumer-data from the lock-down period which will provide valuable insights on what fans want.

The most watched video from the lockdown period was a series of goals from the Arabian Gulf League.

‘At-home’ content from players offered a never-before-seen glimpse into players lives – and the fans loved it. And the trend towards short-format, bitesize clips continues with younger fans demanding this type of content.

Jamie Wilson, Chief Commercial Advisor, Dugout

As live football returns, Jamie Wilson, Dugout Chief Commercial Advisor, shares his insight into how clubs and media publishers have adapted their content strategies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; including how they quickly moved to fill the void left by the recent suspension of live sport.

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