11 May 2022 - 5:58 PM



Ceferin renews threats to remaining Super League rebels after compromise deal on Champions League future

  • Rebel clubs still holding onto vestiges of European Super League will face punishments after Spanish court action, warns UEFA president.
  • No renewed TV deal projections after UEFA drops 50 additional Champions League games after 2024, with 8 – rather than ten – group stage games in new Swiss model.
  • Why it matters: Amidst speculation of new Super League plots, UEFA has adopted a carrots and sticks approach to elite clubs: offering them more games and money but warning those who attack its competitions.
  • The perspective: After an “exhaustive” consultation process, UEFA has offered then “least worst” solution to the Champions League future that gives a little bit of everything to everyone: big clubs, leagues, fans.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has warned the three clubs publicly holding out for a European Super League that they will face sanctions if they do not ditch the project.

Speaking after UEFA’s annual congress in Vienna, the UEFA president insisted that the body would punish clubs that violated its regulations. His warning comes weeks after a Spanish court lifted measures that prevented rebel clubs from being punished by UEFA.

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