The Bundesliga grows in terms of domestic media rights deals - unlike the Premier League

15 February 2019

Christian Seifert is CEO of the Bundesliga
Photo: Getty Images Christian Seifert, chief of the Bundesliga, has succeeded in selling domestic tv-deals to a higher price

While Premier League seems to stall in value of domestic tv-deals, the Bundesliga grows.

Nikolaj Babis Nielsen

Chief executive of the Bundesliga, Christian Seifert, reveals record revenues in terms of media rights.

According to Financial Times, the Bundesliga Chief Executive makes it clear that the German broadcasters and digital groups will be ready to spend greater sums for the matches in the German top division.

Last year the revenues from media rights deals jumped by a third to €1.25 billion, mainly because of a four year €4.6 billion domestic television deal with Sky Deutschland and Eurosport.

Other top leagues stall in value

This is opposed to other European top football divisions like the Premier League and Italian Serie A where there seems to be a stall in value and growth of domestic screening deals.

The Premier League has almost always relied on increasing revenue in media rights deals. Four years ago, the Premier League reaped £5.1 billion for domestic rights, but in 2018, the amount dropped to £4.5 billion.

Bundesliga - second richest in the world

In 2002, the German media empire Kirch Group collapsed, in part due to debts associated with sport rights contracts, and that made the local broadcasters resistant to paying large sums for TV media rights, but because the German pay-TV market still has a lot of room to grow, the reluctance from the local broadcasters seems to be fading.

According to the Bundesliga’s annual report, that has been seen in advance by Financial Times, the overall revenues at Germany’s top 18 clubs is said to be €3.81 billion over the 2017-2018 season, which makes the Bundesliga the second-richest division in football world – behind the Premier League.