Bristol City chairman on Bury expulsion: The owners of struggling clubs have not been "fit and proper"

9 September 2019

Photo: Getty Images Jon Lansdown (on the right) with his father Steve Lansdown, the owner of Bristol City. Jon Lansdown believes Bristol won't end up in the same situation as Bury FC.

In a fan podcast, Bristol's chairman, Jon Lansdown, explained why he believes his club won't end up as Bury FC did.

According to Lansdown, the owners of the clubs struggling at the moment, including Bury FC, have not been "fit and proper."

Jesper Elkjær Jensen

Bristol City's chairman, Jon Lansdown, recently addressed Bury FC's expulsion from the EFL in a fan podcast.

Lansdown also explained why he believes Bristol won't end up in the same situation.

"I think we're fairly well run and our strength is our stability," Lansdown said in the podcast, according to the Bristol Post.

"It's very easy for owners, even owners with the resources, to come in, have a real go at something for a few years and then go, 'I've had enough now actually.' This has been a money pit and whatever else."

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