Amazing European qualification for Burnley last year - but financially it was bad business

8 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Burnley qualified for Europe last season, and most times it means healthy finances due to more revenue coming in. But in the Burnley case it didn't go like that.

Burnley paid out £20 million in bonuses following Europa League qualification.

Europa League revenues remarkable lower than the bonus expenses.

Also, a dip in form - maybe due to a hard summer with qualification matches in Europa League - cost the club in the league, meaning decreasing league merit payment.

Burnley’s fairy-tale qualification for the Europa League cost the club £20 million.

The club’s wage bill grew by £20 million in 2017/18 due to last season’s seventh-place finish and qualification for the Europa League.

According to the club’s latest accounts:

“Wages grew from £61 million to £81 million as a result of our determination to be more competitive in the market, coupled with increased bonuses for both players and coaching staff due to our 7th place finish.”

Failed to reach group stage

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