New Brentford CEO: “All they are asking me to achieve is: ‘Get ready for the Premier League’”

31 July 2019

Jon Varney
Photo: ©Mark D Fuller / Brentford CEO Jon Varney, a lifelong Bees fan, is absolutely convinced that Brentford FC is in a position where the natural next step is aiming for promotion to the Premier League.

Brentford reiterate their ambitions to be a Premier League club. In-depth interview with new CEO Jon Varney.

Varney is changing the whole off field structure of the club, tearing down barriers between departments.

Varney believes Brentford has a major advantage over other clubs because of its prime west London location.

Kasper Kronenberg

INTERVIEW – “Take a look around. As you can see, this is a pretty old room, with nothing fancy about it. This is our board room where our VIP guests meet before, during and after games. There are quite a few old pictures telling the history about this club. But you probably also noticed a few new pictures of our new stadium. 

“That was one of the first things I did. Added some pictures telling people about the future of this football club. Because that is what makes this job – and this club – so special: our vision for the future is so massive compared with our history.”

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