Brighton contributes £212 million to the local economy

18 July 2019

Photo: Getty Images In a study commissioned by Albion and carried out by Marshall Regen and the University of Chichester, the club’s economic contribution to the local economy during the 2017/18 season was valued at £212 million.

Independent report shows Brighton contributed £212 million to the Greater Brighton economy in 2017/18.

Club “punching above its weight”, compared with Premier League rivals.

Brighton contributed over £54 million in taxes during the season.

Brighton & Hove Albion contributed £212 million to the City region’s economy in 2017/18, according to an independent report.

Most of this revenue was accounted for by direct income to the Football Club itself. 

It is important when we come forward with plans to be able to show how important the club is to the city

However, spending by local employees, contracting with local businesses, and visitor spending away from the American Express Stadium accounted for over £60 million of the overall contribution to the City Region’s economy. 

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